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About the publisher

Name: Am Oved Publishers Ltd.

Website: (Note: Am Oved is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and much of the site’s content is in Hebrew. Books are published in both Hebrew and translated.)

Purpose, objective, or mission: 

Target audience: 


Are published books peer reviewed? 

Types of books published: 


Topics covered: 

Number of titles published per year: 

About the publisher’s submission guidelines

Location of submission guidelines: 

Types of submissions accepted: 

Submission and review process: 

Editorial tone: 

Style guide used: 

Conclusion: Evaluation of publisher’s potential for LIS authors

While Am Oved has a broad catalog and an emphasis on Hebrew-speaking readers, there may be opportunities for LIS-oriented publications. A Holistic Approach to Architecture: The Felicja Blumenthal Music Center and Library, Tel Aviv, a profile of a special library by architect Nili Portugali, offers an example of an English-language, library-focused book from this publisher.


Audience analysis

About the publisher’s audience

Size (as measured by average number of copies per title published)

Audience location and language or cultural considerations:

Reader characteristics:

Knowledge of LIS subject matter:

Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors

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