Publication Profiles

Looking for places to publish your writing? Browse through the categories below, or search for something specific in the Search box to the right. You can also select tags (all tags are here and popular tags are in the cloud at right) to find publications likely to be interested in particular topics.

LIS scholarly journals. These publications for LIS researchers and educators emphasize peer-reviewed, research-oriented content.

LIS professional and trade publications. These news-oriented magazines, association newsletters, and other professional communications venues are generally read by practitioners in the LIS community.

Civilian publications. These publications are read by people beyond the LIS world. While most readers won’t be LIS experts, they may be interested in library topics and affected by information issues.

Book publishers. These book publishers are likely to consider publishing LIS-oriented nonfiction titles.

Works in progress. These publications and publishers have not yet been fully profiled in the wiki, though they’re on our list of things to do. New titles are frequently added to the wiki.