Following are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Library and Information Science (LIS) Publications Wiki. If you have other questions, feel free to email the wiki team at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com.

What is the LIS Publications wiki?

The LIS Publications Wiki is a collection of publication and publisher profiles used by library and information science professionals, educators, and students around the world. Profiles include descriptions and analyses of the content and audiences of scholarly, professional, and lay publications of interest to the LIS community.

The ultimate goal of the wiki is to help members of the LIS community research publications, target the best venues for their writing, and discover new publications to read and contribute to.

What type of publications and publishers are profiled in the wiki?

Publications are organized into three categories: Scholarly Journals, Professional and Trade Publications, and Civilian Publications. Book publishers that produce books on LIS-related topics are also included. Hundreds of profiles offer a wide variety of publications, catering to all sorts of interests.

The wiki is by no means comprehensive. Publications frequently come and go as publishers merge and reevaluate their offerings, new publications are created, and the publishing world evolves. If you know of publications or publishers of interest to LIS authors that are not yet part of the wiki, please email the wiki team at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com. If you are involved with or have knowledge of a particular publication or publisher—including one that’s already in the wiki or on our Works in Progress page—please let us know; we’d be glad to work with you to update the existing profile or develop a new one.

How can the LIS Publications wiki help me in my writing career?

The LIS Publications Wiki will help you find the right outlet for your writing by providing a wealth of information about LIS publications and publishers. Whether you are a published author or hoping to be published for the first time, you will learn about a wide range of venues available to you—perhaps some you’ve never heard of or considered as possible outlets for your writing. Each publication profile includes information about the scope and content of the publication, as well as audience characteristics and preferred writing style.

Please note that the wiki publication profiles are meant to offer you a starting point. Before you take further steps to write or submit an article or book, we always recommend checking the publication’s website or contacting the editor for current information and guidance.

Who started the LIS Publications wiki?

Created by Laurie Putnam, lecturer in the School of Information at San Jose [California] State University, the wiki was initially researched and populated by students in Putnam’s “Publishing for the Profession” course. Today a cadre of graduate students at the iSchool, led by Putnam, continue to enhance and maintain the wiki.

Who contributes to the LIS Publications wiki?

This wiki is continually updated by dedicated volunteers and graduate students affiliated with San Jose State University’s School of Information. Everyone in the LIS community—students, educators, editors, and LIS professionals—is invited to help us continue to enhance the wiki by suggesting new titles or updates to existing publication profiles. At one time anyone anywhere could create an account and edit the profiles, but the poor wiki was overcome by surreptitious promotions for everything from diaper services to legal services to various unmentionables. We are working to create a more secure system, and we hope to reopen the wiki to the LIS community in the future.

How can I contribute to the LIS Publications wiki?

If you are involved with or know of an LIS-friendly publication that is open to contributors, please send us a link at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com and we’ll be happy to write up a profile. If you would like to suggest enhancements or corrections to an existing publication profile, please email us at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com. In the future we hope to open up the wiki so you will be able to make your own direct contributions.