Writing begins with searching: Finding a venue for your work

Searching is at the heart of what we do in the library and information sciences, and in this spirit, the LIS Publications Wiki presents its new search options!

The LIS Publications Wiki helps writers find appropriate venues for their work. Out of the 300+ wiki profiles, which publications are best suited to your particular article? Here’s how to narrow the list.

Search by category

If you’re already clear about your purpose and audience, you can go straight to the appropriate category and review potential publications:

  • LIS Scholarly Journals
  • LIS Professional and Trade Publications
  • Civilian Publications
  • Book Publishers

Read through each section’s titles. There may be a new-to-you journal or trade magazine that fits your audience and purpose.

Search by tag

If you have a topic in mind but are flexible about its presentation, you can search by tag. Each profile is tagged according to the publication’s content, and every wiki page presents a word cloud of the most popular tags (see the righthand sidebar) and a link to all the tags.

  • Article or publication type tags identify specific types of publications, sections, or authors, such as blogs, book reviews, opinion, student authors, and student publications
  • Geographic scope and language tags identify publications with an international or regional scope and those that are fully or partially non–English language.
  • Library or collection type tags identify a focus on particular types of libraries or collections, such as academic, archives, law, medical, school, and public.
  • Subject tags identify the subject matter of each publication, such as accessibility, children, digitization, distance learning, gaming, LGBTQ, management and leadership, reference, technical services, and many more.

Try the search box

Is your style flexible and your topic not tagged? Try the search box. If your terms are related to LIS, chances are they will appear in some descriptions and analyses. You’ll be presented with a tailor-made list of publications.

Search by ISSN or title

Are you thinking of a particular publication, and you need a quick overview? Enter the ISSN or title in the search box, and the title’s profile will pop up. If a publication is not profiled, and you think it should be, send us an email!

Wiki profile searches are a start, and the results are not an end. Follow the links in the profiles to the publications’ homepages, scan tables of content, read sample articles, examine instructions for authors. You’ve discovered the perfect venue, now let its editors discover you. How might you tailor your writing to the publication?

The wiki editors wish you successful searches, and we would love to read your published work. Let us know how you used the wiki in your publication process, and we’ll devote a blog post to your success!



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