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The Library and Information Science Publications Wiki
A profile of the LIS Publications Wiki and its benefits to LIS authors.1

Writing Opportunities Panel Discussion
Students at San Jose State University’s iSchool are often curious about opportunities for research, writing, and publishing. In this one-hour webinar, panelists discussed tips for research and writing, making use of the LIS Publications Wiki, and specific publishing opportunities at the Student Research Journal and Archeota. Many of the tips and ideas will be helpful for LIS students everywhere. Sponsored by the SJSU Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists. 2

Publications Roundtable
In this one-hour webinar sponsored by the Student Research Journal (SRJ), panelists discussed publishing avenues available to students working on graduate degrees in library science, information science, and archives. Participants included editors from Archeota, a publication of the SJSU iSchool’s student chapter of the Society of American Archivists (SAASC), the Descriptor, a publication of the iSchool’s student chapter of the American Library association (ALASC), and the LIS Publications Wiki, along with an alumna author who has successfully published in a variety of venues. Although the focus was on SJSU iSchool publications, many of the tips will be relevant to LIS students everywhere.3

On the MLIS: Why I’m Getting the Library Degree
San Jose State University iSchool student Alison Peters writes about why she pursued the MLIS degree—and how the LIS Publications Wiki helped her along the way.4

Student Alison Peters Helps Develop and Promote a Publications Wiki During an Independent Study Course
A profile spotlighting the work of San Jose State University iSchool students Alison Peters and Adrienne Mathewson on the genesis of the LIS Publications Wiki. Includes an interview with Peters.5

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