The Library & Information Science (LIS) Publications Wiki encourages librarians and information professionals to share their knowledge and advocate for issues they care about through their writing.

For more than a decade, the wiki has spotlighted LIS-oriented publishing opportunities, featuring content and commentary by and for students, editors, and information professionals. Hosted by the San Jose State University School of Information, the wiki is being built and refreshed by a small team of graduate students in the school’s Master of Library and Information Science program. Wiki users are librarians, information professionals, and LIS educators, researchers, and students around the world.

If you’re part of the library and information science world, the LIS Publications Wiki can help you research the best venues for your professional writing.

There are many places to share your knowledge and ideas. Here you’ll find information about hundreds of publications and publishers looking for contributions, including details about the work they publish and the audiences who read it. The scholarly journals, professional and trade publications, and book publishers will help you reach your LIS colleagues. “Civilian” publications will help you reach your communities. We’ve included civilian publications because we believe the LIS world has useful knowledge to share with people outside of our professional circles—our colleagues in other departments, our library visitors, our neighbors and families and friends. Library and information issues matter to us all.


How to contribute

Our goal is to create a useful resource for LIS authors around the world, one that stays as up-to-date as possible and grows ever more comprehensive. But publications come and go, and those that continue may evolve. This means the wiki will always be a work-in-progress.

We invite everyone in the LIS community—students, educators, editors, and LIS professionals—to help us continue to update and improve the wiki. You’re all invited to contribute.

Email us at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com, anytime,

  • If you are involved with or know of an LIS-friendly publication that accepts contributions from authors who aren’t on staff. Just send us a link at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com and we’ll be happy to write up a profile. If you’d like to draft the profile yourself, let us know and we’d be happy to send you a template.
  • If you would like to suggest enhancements or corrections to an existing publication profile. In the future we hope to open up the wiki so you will be able to make your own direct contributions.
  • If you would like to join our core team and help us build the wiki. For educators and professionals, building the wiki can be a rewarding service project. For editors, it can be a great way to raise the visibility of publications you edit, publish, or support. For students, it can be an opportunity to learn about professional publication and to demonstrate your research and analysis skills. (SJSU iSchool students can earn independent study credit for wiki work. Learn more here.)

Wiki development is an all-volunteer effort, and we can use your help!

How to reach us

If you have questions or comments about the wiki, email lispubswiki [at] gmail.com or contact Laurie Putnam. We appreciate your interest and input.


To learn more about the wiki, see the answers to some frequently asked questions.

The people behind the wiki

Created by instructor Laurie Putnam in conjunction with the “Publishing for the Profession” class she taught at San Jose State University’s School of Information, the wiki has been growing and evolving since 2004. Initial wiki entries were prepared by the students in Putnam’s publishing course, and new entries are being added on a regular basis. Today Putnam continues to lead a small team of graduate student interns who edit and enhance the wiki with the support of publication editors and LIS professionals everywhere.

Special thanks go to Bethany Baker, David Ballantine, Julie Boucher, Amy Bradley, Chrystal Fizer, Erin Fussell, Cathryn Gowen, Rachel Greggs, Joni Hansen, Lisa Lowdermilk, Maria Magallanes, Adrienne Mathewson, Jeff McGowan, Blake Kelly Wandling Mendoza, Maria Notarangelo, Rebecca Padrick, Alison Peters, Phyllis Pistorino, Kelli Roisman, Julee Tanner, Kara Trella, Julia Wells, and Katie Wood for their extensive work on the wiki in recent years. The wiki wouldn’t be what it is today without the time and effort you put into it.