Publishing Resources

Below are a few articles and websites to support the library and information science writing community.

More publications, plus calls for proposals

For more lists of publications and potential venues for your writing, see the collection of resources tagged “Opportunities” at LibraryWriting. For news about calls for proposals (CFPs) and other writing opportunities in the library and information science world, we suggest:

  • A Library Writer’s Blog, a resource to “help librarians identify publishing and presentation opportunities in library and information science as well as other related fields.” Managed by Corey Seeman of the University of Michigan.
  • Academic Writing Librarians, a blog by Helen Fallon of the library of the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Says Fallon: “I developed this blog to support library staff who wish to write for publication. I’ve created links to resources I have used in my own writing and in the workshops I run. I also post calls for papers, books chapters, etc.”
  • Dolores’ List of CFPs, a blog that “shares calls for papers and presentations in the disciplines of library science, information science, instructional design and technology, education (including adult education), and women’s and gender studies.” Note that librarian-blogger Dolores Fidishun stopped posting when she retired from Pennsylvania State University in 2019, but the archives can still be useful.

Publication selection tips

If you’re looking for a scholarly journal, the Journal Evaluation Tool from Loyola Marymount University offers a rubric and scoring sheet for evaluating journal credibility. While the focus is on open access publications, many of the criteria can be applied to other journals as well.

Writing and editing communities

The Librarian Parlor “is a space for conversing, sharing expertise, and asking questions about the process of developing, pursuing, and publishing library research.” The focus is on early-career researchers, but all are welcome. “We feature interesting research methodologies, common challenges, in progress work, setbacks and successes. In providing this space, LibParlor aspires to support the development of a welcoming community of new researchers.”

Library and Information Science Editors is a website for editors working in the LIS field. Library and Information Science Editors “seeks to provide a collegial and supportive space for editors to engage in frank discussions of their concerns.” Established in 2008, the group “advances its work by a discussion list, this website, and periodic face-to-face meetings.”

More general (not LIS focused) groups can be located through the Writing Communities and Editing Communities bookmark collections.

More resources on writing and publishing

For still more resources on writing, editing, and publishing, we suggest: