Tips & Resources

Wiki use tips

This section offers tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the LIS Publications Wiki. If you have suggestions for additional information that would be useful to include here, email the wiki team at lispubswiki [at]

Searching the wiki. Are you just browsing, or are you looking for a specific title? There are several ways to navigate the hundreds of publications profiled in the wiki: you can search by category, search by tag, try the search box, or search by ISSN or publication title. Learn how to see what’s out there and narrow down your publication options.

Using tags. Each publication profile in the wiki has been tagged with keywords that make it easier to find publications with different characteristics, such as subject (like collections or management) or article type (like book reviews and case studies). The right-hand column of each wiki page shows a tag cloud of the most frequently used tags, but there are lots more. Learn about the tagging system and see all of the tags here.

Targeting the right publication. If you’re not sure how to identify the right publication for your work, here are some suggestions for finding a good match.

General wiki FAQs. To learn more about what is and isn’t in this wiki, and how the wiki can help you, check out these frequently asked questions.

Publishing resources

This section offers offers articles and resources—beyond the wiki—that support the library and information science writing community. Resources include other collections of publishing venues, publication selection tips, and writing and editing communities.