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Publication analysis

About the publication

Title: Tri-City Voice



Purpose, objective, or mission: An independent newspaper serving the southeast San Francisco Bay Area.1

Target audience: The target audience includes laypersons interested in local news and events in the Castro Valley, Fremont, Hayward, Milpitas, Newark, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Sunol, and Union City areas.2

Publisher: Tri-City Voice.3

Peer reviewed? No.

Type: Civilian newspaper.

Medium: Print and online.4

Content: Coverage of local news, art, culture, sport, entertainment, and events in the southeast Bay Area.5

Frequency of publication: Weekly.6

About the publication’s submission guidelines

Location of submission guidelines: No submission guidelines are available online. There is an online form on the Contact page to fill out for story ideas or letters to the editor.7

Types of contributions accepted: The newspaper accepts letters to the editor and articles about local events and news.

Submission and review process: Submit Opinions, Letters to the Editor, or article ideas through the online form.8

Editorial tone: Casual and informal.

Style guide used: A specific style guide was not indicated.

Conclusion: Evaluation of publication’s potential for LIS authors

This is a local newspaper with an audience limited to a specific region. However, because of the sense of the small audience, information and reports about the local libraries would be of great interest to the readers of the newspaper. This would be a great venue to submit manuscripts about events in the library, programs, library news, and interviews with authors.

This newspaper does not have a wide readership within the LIS profession so articles written may not get noticed by a large audience within this community. However, Hayward Public Libraries and libraries within the Alameda and Santa Clara County library system fall within the areas covered by this newspaper. Librarians who submit articles for publication will gain recognition within their own library systems and possibly further if the article is of interest to those outside of the city or county libraries. Publishing in this newspaper will also provide readers with a closer look at library services. Those interested in fulfilling tenure requirements should not consider this publication as it is not peer reviewed and does not include research.


Audience analysis

About the publication’s readers

Publication circulation: “Employees distribute 25,000 copies each week to thousands of locations throughout the community,” and the website receives over 1,800 visitors per day.9

Audience location and language or cultural considerations: The newspaper is delivered within the Northern California cities of Hayward, Fremont, Union City, Newark, Milpitas, and Sunol.10 This publication serves a diverse population. Scholarly tone should be avoided and articles should be clear for readers who claim English as a second language.

Reader characteristics: The southeast San Francisco area is highly diverse, and the newspaper is devoted to covering local issues and interests.11 The audience for this newspaper may not have a general interest in libraries, but will be interested in library services, issues, and events that affect the community.

Knowledge of LIS subject matter: A knowledge of LIS subject matter shouldn’t be assumed.

Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors

As in many cities, the audience for this newspaper is very diverse in terms of language, education, ethnicity/race, income, profession, age, and areas of interest. It is important for the author to write about topics that the readers will find of interest. They may want to consider writing articles about computer use and classes, using online and print resources available at the library, and featured authors or new books. Articles that would be of interest to English language learners are also important. However, the articles should not be filled with LIS jargon or go into depth about library topics that practitioners would be more interested in.

Based on the articles published in the newspaper, it can be assumed that the readers of this newspaper are very community-oriented, have strong family values, and are interested in different cultures. Authors should take all of this into consideration when submitting manuscripts for publication.

Last updated: Septemeber 6, 2020


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