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Publication analysis

About the publication

Title: The Hemet & San Jacinto Chronicle 



Purpose, objective, or mission: “We strive to always provide you with the latest news, entertainment, world events & videos at your convenience.”1

Target audience: “The Hemet & San Jacinto Chronicle is the San Jacinto Valley’s local source for news and information.”2

Publisher: As of 2019, The Hemet & San Jacinto Chronicle “newspaper is not connected in any way with the recently defunct The Valley Chronicle or its publisher, Eric Buskirk . . . .”3

The current publisher of The Hemet & San Jacinto Chronicle is Pati Galarza.4

Peer reviewed? No.

Type: Civilian.

Medium: Print and online.5

Content: The Hemet and San Jacinto Chronicle provides local news, world news, and news on arts and entertainment, politics, and sports. Legal notices are also published in the newspaper.6

Frequency of publication: Printed weekly and an online version that is updated daily.7

About the publication’s submission guidelines

Location of submission guidelines:

Types of contributions accepted: Letters to the editor, article submissions, and event submissions.

Submission and review process: Submit letters to the editor using the online Letters to the Editor submission form.

Articles can be submitted by emailing editor [at]

Events in the Hemet and San Jacinto area can be submitted to the newspaper using this submission form. Include a detailed description of the event, the date and time of the event, cost, and address of the event. “Due to space limitations, only a portion of the events posted online will be published in our weekly print edition.”8

Editorial tone: There are no guidelines listed. The current articles reflect a conversational and informal tone.9

Style guide used: A specific style guide was not indicated.

Conclusion: Evaluation of publication’s potential for LIS authors

The Hemet and San Jacinto Chronicle serves the Hemet and San Jacinto communities in California and aims to appeal to those communities. The paper supports local issues and has had a couple of articles about the public library and related events appear over the past year it has been in publication. Any LIS authors in the area wanting to write articles for the paper should have a good reception from the newspaper staff. Letters to the editor and articles should avoid technical library jargon in order to appeal to readers who most likely do not have a grasp on LIS jargon.


Audience analysis

About the publication’s readers

Publication circulation: No information on the circulation of the newspaper could be located.

Audience location and language or cultural considerations: The headquarters for The Hemet and San Jacinto Chronicle is located in Hemet and the paper serves the cities of Hemet and San Jacinto. Although readership may extend outside of these areas, the majority of readers are in the San Jacinto Valley. The Hemet and San Jacinto Chronicle is published in English and is considerate of the diverse cultures within the communities it serves. This is reflected in the variety of articles they publish and events that are covered in the community.10

Reader characteristics:  The Hemet and San Jacinto Chronicle serves individuals in Hemet and San Jacinto. Their level of education, places of employment, and professional interests vary widely. The United States Census estimated Hemet’s 2020 population to be 85,334 with a median household income of $39,179. The population is mostly White (74.9%), female (52.6%), and between the ages of 19 to 64 (45.4%).11

Knowledge of LIS subject matter: This is a lay publication and therefore it does not specialize in library and information science. Readers may be library users and may have knowledge of library service from their own personal experiences. It is unlikely that the majority of readers will have knowledge of LIS subject matter therefore, LIS jargon should be avoided.

Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors

The majority of the readers are high school graduates with some college and few have graduate degrees.12 Authors must be aware that The Hemet and San Jacinto Valley Chronicle’s purpose is a focus on the local community. There is an excellent chance of being published if the articles submitted are relevant to local news or events in the San Jacinto Valley.

The community this paper serves is somewhat diverse and has readers that represent a range of different cultures, ages,  and varying educational backgrounds. Authors that are interested in submitting articles may want to write articles that inform potential patrons about library services and programs directed to underserved populations. Other possibilities are articles that highlight Friends of the Library events to publicize the need for volunteers or additional funds.

Last updated: October 3, 2020


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