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Publisher analysis

About the publisher

Name: Chandos Publishing


Purpose, objective, or mission: Chandos is “an international leading publisher in contemporary library and information science, and social science”1 with a global perspective. They are an imprint of the publishing house Elsevier, founded in 1880.

Target audience: LIS professionals and those in the social sciences fields.

Owner: Elsevier

Are published books peer reviewed? Yes. Elsevier’s book proposal form asks potential authors to list three experts in the field who could provide input as part of the book’s review panel. All proposals are read by Elsevier editorial staff and selected external reviewers.2

Check out Elsevier’s How to get published guide for more information on the publishing process.

Types of books published: Reference, textbooks, research books.

Medium: Print and digital.

Topics covered: Contemporary issues within the library and information sciences, including legal aspects, library acquisitions, bibliometrics and digital libraries.3

Number of titles published per year: In 2017, Chandos published twenty three books in the LIS field.4

About the publisher’s submission guidelines

Location of submission guidelines:

Types of submissions accepted: Proposals for both books and journals.

Information that needs to be included in your proposal:

  • Title
  • Author(s) and/or editors(s)
  • Aims and scope/Background and purpose
  • Your intended audience and its needs
  • Competing resources
  • Table of contents
  • Sample chapter
  • Qualified reviewers
  • Clarity and discoverability
  • Optional: multimedia content

For more information, consult the Authors and Book Editors page.

Submission and review process: After sending a proposal to the proposal mailbox (linked on this page), further questions about the process can be answered by sending an email to an acquisitions editor at the same proposal mailbox. Be sure the subject line of the email reads: “Question for [subject area] acquisitions editor.” All proposals are considered by Elsevier editorial staff and selected external reviewers.5

Editorial tone: Professional. The home page for Chandos Publishing states that they produce books for researchers, academics and practitioners.6

Style guide used: Unknown.

Conclusion: Evaluation of publisher’s potential for LIS authors

Though Elsevier is a large publishing house that is heavy on journals, LIS book authors could possibly find a good fit with Chandos. In 2017, some of their published book titles included Emerging Library Technologies, Social Justice and Library Work and Taking Your Library Career to the Next Level. Elsevier is especially supportive of less experienced researchers and authors. Their website Researcher Academy offers in depth teaching modules to help authors learn about getting their works published and promoted.


Audience analysis

About the publisher’s audience

Size: Chandos is a sizable LIS publisher. Their online catalog shows 384 books currently in print within the library and information science subject area.

Audience location and language or cultural considerations: Though Elsevier’s headquarters is in the Netherlands, Chandos states that they are an international publisher for the global LIS community. They feature a book series entitled the Asian Studies series, producing titles such as China’s Publishing Industry and Scholarly Communication in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Chandos also publishes international titles such as Succession Planning in Canadian Academic Libraries and Australian Library Supervision and Management.

Reader characteristics: Readers of works published by Chandos will likely be LIS academics and professionals seeking out books on specific subject matter.

Knowledge of LIS subject matter: The home page for Chandos publishing states that they publish for “researchers, academics and practitioners,” so authors can assume that readers could potentially have an expert knowledge in the field.

Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors

Readers of works published by Chandos are LIS professionals located all over the world. With works such as Disaster Planning for Special Libraries and The Impact of Print-On-Demand on Academic Books, it’s clear that readers come to Chandos with well defined information needs that pertain to specific areas within the LIS field.

Last updated: February 22, 2018


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