Welcome to the wiki

Welcome to the Library and Information Science Publications Wiki!

This project is a learning experience and a labor of love for a dedicated group of San Jose State University iSchool students. It’s our gift to the LIS community, a diverse and far-reaching set of professionals who have amazing stories to share. We hope this wiki will make it easier for you all to share those stories as you look for the best places to tell them.

Some of you will remember this wiki from its earlier life on MediaWiki, the same platform Wikipedia uses. It looked very different in those days. We moved to WordPress (no small undertaking) largely to manage a growing problem with spam, but along the way we discovered WordPress also gave us opportunities to make the wiki even more useful and user friendly. Along with hundreds of publication and publisher profiles, the new and improved wiki offers useful features like footnotes and finding aids. You’ll hear more about our remodel and the new wiki features in an upcoming post from one of our students.

Future voices on this blog will include more of our iSchool students, those who are building and maintaining the wiki as they work toward masters’ degrees in library and information science. This resource would not exist without them.

If you have suggestions for publications to include or improvements to consider, please email our team at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com. This wiki is a work in progress, and it will always be. Your comments can help us make it even better.


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