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&nbsp; <h2>Publication analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication</h4> <strong>Title:</strong> <em>Sacramento Bee</em> <strong>ISSN</strong>: 0890-5738 (Print)[1. <em>Sacramento Bee, </em>Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory, accessed March 27, 2018, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>] <strong>Website:</strong> <a title="Sacramento Bee" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> <strong>Purpose, objective, or mission:</strong> " produce a newspaper that serves the needs of its community without becoming subservient to the whims of public opinion or the pressures of the powerful."[2."About Us,", accessed October 30, 2016, <a title="About Us" href=""></a>] <strong>Target audience:</strong> Sacramento residence and neighboring cities at large.[3. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Publisher:</strong> The McClatchy Company.[4. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Peer reviewed?</strong> No. <strong>Type:</strong> Civilian newspaper <strong>Medium:</strong> Print and online.[5. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Content:</strong> Local, state and national news, politics, community events calendar, sports, and entertainment. <strong>Frequency of publication:</strong> Daily.[6. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <h4>About the publication's submission guidelines</h4> <strong>Location of submission guidelines: </strong><a href=""></a> <strong>Types of contributions accepted:</strong> <em>The Bee</em> accepts letters to the editor (150 words),[7. "Submit your letter to the editor,", accessed October 30, 2016, <a href=""></a>] opinion columns of roughly 600 words, and shorter, more personal views of 400-500 words.[8. "Submit viewpoints article,", accessed October 30, 2016, <a href=""></a>] <strong>Submission and review process:</strong> Use the separate online forms for submitting a <a href="">letter</a> or <a href="">opinion piece</a>, and read the instructions for each. <strong>Editorial tone:</strong> None identified. <strong>Style guide used:</strong> None mentioned. <h4>Conclusion: Evaluation of publication's potential for LIS authors</h4> An LIS author who resides in or has personal knowledge of the market served by the publication could write a letter to the editor about a current library funding issue, a longer article on the value of libraries specifically to a population within Sacramento, or write in response to a published article in <em>The Bee</em> about the state of library services. There are many possibilities for an LIS author familiar with the market area. &nbsp; <h2>Audience analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication's readers</h4> <strong>Publication circulation:</strong> 163,482 paid daily, 177,626 paid Sunday, average monthly online audience of 3,329,917.[9. "2016 General Information,", accessed October 30, 2016, <a href=""></a>] <strong>Audience location and language or cultural considerations:</strong> "The Bee's circulation area covers the Northern Sacramento Valley and surrounding areas: south to Stockton, north to Redding, east to Reno and west to the San Francisco Bay Area."[10. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] This is an English language publication serving a racially diverse population. <strong>Reader characteristics:</strong> Demographic information is not available, but according to the United States census, Sacramento County is is 64% white and. 22% Hispanic or Latino.[11. "Sacramento County, California,", accessed October 30, 2016, <a href=""></a>] The publication supports community arts and champions environmental causes.[12."<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Knowledge of LIS subject matter: </strong>The readers of this publication are the general public and would have limited knowledge of LIS matters and terminology. <h4>Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors</h4> Since the readers of <em>The Bee</em> will not be familiar with LIS jargon or library issues, an author needs to keep writing for this publication general and be certain to provide convincing reasons for the reader to care about the library topic of their article. <strong>Last updated: </strong>September 16, 2018 <hr /> <h4>References</h4>

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