Publication analysis

About the publication

Title: FreePint

ISSN: 1460-72391


Purpose, objective, or mission: FreePint “gives access to content, community and consulting, on information sources, information technology and information value.”2 € Through regular free newsletters and updates, and subscription-based articles and reports, FreePint provides support on a variety of issues important to information professionals and workers.

Target audience: Workers in information industry including librarians, consultants, freelancers, writers, technology experts, and commercial companies. The site was started in 1997 as a free email newsletter, with Pint referencing “People Interested in Net Technologies.”3

Publisher: Free Pint Limited.4

Peer reviewed? No.5

Type: LIS professional newsletter.6

Medium: Online.7

Content: Content focuses on providing “€œpractical tips and features aimed at individuals who find, use, manage, and share work-related information.”8 FreePint offers a paid subscription that includes “product reviews, industry insight and articles to support content purchases, information strategy, and to increase the value of information in your organisation.”9 The twice-monthly FreePint Newsletter provides the “latest tips and features about information practice, content and strategy, and highlights how FreePint raises the value of information in customer organisations.”10

Frequency of publication: Twice monthly free newsletter, with content uploaded daily to members with a paid subscription.11

About the publication’s submission guidelines

Location of submission guidelines:

Types of contributions accepted: FreePint articles are based on real-world experience, and writers are encouraged to share their knowledge with peers. Per the contribution guidelines: “FreePint articles support the value of information in the enterprise and can be categorised by one or more of our topic categories.”12

“My Favourite Tipples” is always accepting submissions. Per their “Publish with FreePint” page, “Supply your 5 favourite websites in a brief item to appear in the FreePint Newsletter. Tipples are quick and easy to write, are among the most popular Newsletter feature, and provide an opportunity (through your byline) to build visibility for your company and expertise.”13

Submission and review process: Send a query to catherine.dhanjal@freepint.com14

Editorial tone: Informative. FreePint‘s “editorial processes help you state your ideas as clearly and cogently as possible.”15

Style guide used: UK Guardian style and UK spellings.16

Conclusion: Evaluation of publication’s potential for LIS authors

This publication has welcomed a variety of submissions and is known for working with authors. FreePint allows an author to gain visibility within the wider LIS community.


Audience analysis

About the publication’s readers

Publication circulation: Per a February 2012 press release, FreePint serves more than 80,000 readers across the globe through the newsletter email and the publication’€™s website, and has a global audience of over 100,000 information professionals throughout the entire network.17

Audience location and language or cultural considerations: Per their site, FreePint is “an international organisation covering a range of “must have” information topics.” FreePint Limited is a UK-based company and reaches English-speaking readers. About one-third of readers reside in the UK while two-thirds of readers reside in other English-speaking countries, mostly the United States, Canada and Australia. The newsletter is written in English and uses British spelling, punctuation, and word usage. Because FreePint is a global publication, regional and cultural references should be kept to a minimum and explained where needed.18

Reader characteristics: As noted above, one-third of readers are in the UK while the rest are from primarily English-speaking countries. The gender breakdown and cultural affiliation of readers beyond this country information is not provided. In addition to those in the traditional library and information field, FreePint is “€œread by IT consultants, trainers, directors of small businesses, journalists, publishers, academics, and students in all fields and yes, by information professionals and knowledge managers too.”€ Readers in general will either possess, or be seeking, higher education and will work in some aspect of the information industry. Practical daily work issues take up most of the newsletter’€™s content, and readers will most likely be concerned about the information gained that can help them in their daily practice. Opinions, reviews, and letters to the editor are welcomed, but they are used primarily to inform readers about the use of some product or avenue of information sharing. Readers come from a variety of information backgrounds, including libraries, private businesses, and publishing, and authors should keep in mind the diversity of professional interests found among readers.19 FreePint‘s Vendor Services page notes that “As an unbiased observer regularly studying and analysing influences on both sides, FreePint Research is uniquely able to provide vendors with useful insight on emerging buyer needs, influences and challenges.”20

Knowledge of LIS subject matter: Readers will have extensive knowledge of information issues, but these issues may or may not be related to libraries. Many readers work in information environments but not necessarily library environments and library jargon should be kept to a minimum. General information jargon can be used, but where it denotes cultural or regional references, jargon should be fully explained.21

Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors

Given the diverse readership, both in career and local, this publication offers an opportunity to inform a global audience of readers interested in information and knowledge management. Even if you just submit one article that gets published to the site, you’ll be added to the list of FreePint‘s “practicing professionals’ contributors,”22 where more people can find out about you and your LIS writing.

Last updated: May 14, 2016


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