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Publishers Weekly
&nbsp; <h2>Publication analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication</h4> <strong>Title:</strong> <em>Publishers Weekly</em>, or <em>PW</em> <strong>ISSN</strong>: 0000-0019 (Print) and 2150-4008 (Online)[1. <em>Publishers Weekly, </em>Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory, accessed March 27, 2018, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>] <strong>Website:</strong> <a title="Publishers Weekly" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> <strong>Purpose, objective, or mission:</strong> Weekly news magazine focused on the international book publishing business.[2. "About Us,", accessed October 27, 2016,] <strong>Target audience:</strong> Publishers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, authors, and the media.[3. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Publisher:</strong> PWxyz, LLC.[4. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Peer reviewed?</strong> No.[5. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Type:</strong> Civilian magazine covering book publishing. <strong>Medium:</strong> Print and online. <strong>Content:</strong> "It offers feature articles and news on all aspects of the book business, bestsellers lists in a number of categories, and industry statistics, but its best known service is pre-publication book reviews, publishing some 9,000 per year."[6. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Frequency of publication:</strong> Weekly.[7. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <h4>About the publication's submission guidelines</h4> <strong>Location of submission guidelines:</strong> <a title="Publishers Weekly Submission Guidelines" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> <strong>Types of contributions accepted:</strong> <em>PW</em> accept story pitches for features, news, opinion pieces, and the children's section.[8. "How do I pitch <em>Publishers Weekly </em>a story idea?,", accessed October 27, 2016, <a href=""></a>] Letters to the editor are also accepted.[9. "How do I send a letter to the editor?,", accessed October 27, 2016, <a href=""></a>] <strong>Submission and review process: </strong>Story pitches for news and soapbox ideas should be sent to Editorial Director Jim Milliot at jmilliot [at] Pitches for features should be sent to features [at]; for children's, send pitches to childrensbooks [at][10. "<a href="">How do I pitch <em>Publishers Weekly </em>a story idea</a>?"] Send letters to Jim Milliot, including your name and address.[11. "<a href="">How do I send a letter to the editor?</a>"] <strong>Editorial tone:</strong> Informative. <strong>Style guide used:</strong> None indicated. <h4>Conclusion: Evaluation of publication's potential for LIS authors</h4> <em>Publishers Weekly</em> is perhaps the most prominent publication in the book publishing industry, and having a book review or article published in the magazine would be a notable accomplishment in the eyes of other LIS professionals. &nbsp; <h2>Audience analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication's readers</h4> <strong>Publication circulation:</strong> "<i>PW</i>'s print edition boasts 16,000+ subscribers with a pass-along rate of 4 readers per issue [...] and is read by over 68,000 booksellers, publishers, public and academic librarians, wholesalers, distributors, educators, agents and writers."[12. "Advertising Information,", accessed September 18, 2018, <a title="Advertising Information" href=""></a>] " had 10 million unique visitors last year and more than 27 million page views…and it’s growing."[13. "<a href="">Advertising Information</a>."] <strong>Audience location and language or cultural considerations:</strong> <em>Publishers Weekly </em>is published in the United States in English, though it features reviews of books from around the world. <strong>Reader characteristics:</strong> Readers are 71% female and mostly college graduates, with an average household income of $50,000. The audience is divided into four categories: librarians, publishing professionals, booksellers, and consumers (including educators, members of the media, and book lovers.)[14. "Media Planner,", accessed October 27, 2016, <a href=""></a>] Readers are people who care about books or need/want to know what's happening in the world of book publishing. <strong>Knowledge of LIS subject matter:</strong> It is possible, given the connection between libraries and the publishing industry, that the readers may have a familiarity with LIS jargon, however it should not be assumed. <h4>Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors</h4> <em>Publishers Weekly</em> is targeted to publishers, booksellers, librarians, educators, and book lovers. National library news is relevant to the magazine's content, and readers would be interested in a librarian's unique perspective on books or publishing trends. <strong>Last updated: </strong>September 18, 2018. <hr /> <h4>References</h4>

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