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Monterey County Weekly
<span style="color: #ff0000;">**This publication profile is incomplete. If you are familiar with this publication, please validate the current content and help us fill in the blanks. Thanks!**</span> &nbsp; <h2>Publication analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication</h4> <strong>Title:</strong> <em>Monterey County Weekly</em> <strong>ISSN</strong>: N/A <strong>Website:</strong> <a title="Monterey County Weekly" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> <strong>Purpose, objective, or mission:</strong> "The mission is to inspire independent thinking and conscious action, etc. [...] As the largest circulation newspaper in one of the most spectacular counties in America, Monterey County Weekly has long been recognized for its thoughtful, provocative and engaging coverage of news, arts and entertainment."[1. "About Us,", accessed October 14, 2016, <a title="About Us" href=""></a>] <strong>Target audience:</strong> Local residents of Monterey County and the Central Coast of California.[2. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Publisher:</strong> Milestone Communications.[3. "Monterey County Now,", accessed October 14, 2016, <a href=""></a>] <strong>Peer reviewed?</strong> No.[4. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Type:</strong> Civilian, alternative newsweekly.[5. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Medium:</strong> Print and online. [6. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Content:</strong> Information goes here. <strong>Frequency of publication:</strong> Weekly.[7. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <h4>About the publication's submission guidelines</h4> <strong>Location of submission guidelines:</strong> Not found. <strong>Types of contributions accepted:</strong> Not clear. See below. <strong>Submission and review process:</strong> Query the editor first through email. The editor may request a writing sample or resume. Managing Editor: Mark C. Anderson, Letters to the editor:[8. "Contact Us,", accessed October 14, 2016, <a href=""></a>] <strong>Editorial tone:</strong> Casual, hip, alternative, informed, liberal.[9. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Style guide used:</strong> Unknown. <h4>Conclusion: Evaluation of publication's potential for LIS authors</h4> If you are familiar with local library news or literary events, you have a good chance of getting published. The <em>Monterey County Weekly</em> often seeks talented writers who can support a liberal view and investigate news carefully. Library issues are not often covered, but there is a literary scene here and it deserves coverage as related to libraries. &nbsp; <h2>Audience analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication's readers</h4> <strong>Publication circulation:</strong> The print magazine has over 90,640 readers a week, while the website receives 65,000 unique visitors per month.[10. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] <strong>Audience location and language or cultural considerations:</strong> Northern Monterey County to southern Monterey County, possibly into Santa Cruz.[11. "<a href="">About Us</a>."] The language is primarily English, but there is a large population of Spanish speakers in this area. <strong>Reader characteristics:</strong>  According to the media kit, 59% of readers are women and 89% are registered to vote, with a median age of 46. They are mostly college-educated, and enjoy local entertainment. [12. "Media Kit,", accessed October 14, 2016, <a href=""></a>] Alternative newsweekly readers are often critical of government and "establishment." They support local causes and social issues. They would likely be strong supporters of libraries and freedom of speech and expression. <strong>Knowledge of LIS subject matter:</strong> Audience is generally well educated[13. "<a href="">Media Kit</a>."], familiar with public libraries but not familiar with LIS jargon. <h4>Conclusion: Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors</h4> Information goes here. <strong>Last updated: </strong>November 14, 2014 <hr /> <h4><strong>References </strong></h4>

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