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&nbsp; <h2>Publication analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication</h4> <strong>Title</strong>: <em>Bookmarks</em> <strong>ISSN</strong>: 1546-0657[1. <em>Bookmarks, </em>Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory, accessed March 23, 2018, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>] <strong>Purpose, objective, or mission</strong>: The magazine offers a guide to the best in books, both new and old, by summarizing book reviews, highlighting the best works by classic authors, and polling experts on non-fiction recommendations. "Simply put, Bookmarks celebrates books with an intelligence and a wide-eyed enthusiasm that no other publication has to date."[2. "About Us,", accessed September 12, 2016, <a href=""></a>] <strong>Website</strong>: <a title="Bookmarks" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a> <strong>Target audience</strong>:  Adults who are active readers; the "intelligent mainstream."[3. "Bookmarks Media Kit,", accessed September 12, 2016, <a href=""></a>] <strong>Publisher</strong>: Bookmarks Publishing LLC.[4. "Bookmarks Magazine,", accessed September 12, 2016, <a href="">]</a> <strong>Peer reviewed</strong>? No.[5. "Writers Guidelines,", accessed September 12, 2016, <a href="">]</a> <strong>Type</strong>: General interest, civilian. The content is written in simple but engaging language intended for book lovers and readers with some knowledge of authors current and past. Generally the magazine is free of librarian or scholarly jargon. <strong>Medium</strong>: Print magazine[6. "Subscribe,", accessed September 12, 2016, <a href=";base_country=US&amp;a_count%20%20%20%20ry=UNITED%20STATES">;base_country=US&amp;a_count%20%20%20%20ry=UNITED%20STATES</a>] with some content, such as reading lists and guides, posted online. <strong>Content</strong>: Consensus-oriented reviews; "What One Book" column in which experts recommend the best books on a certain topic; and "Book by Book" profiles on a work by a renowned author or a within a genre.[7. "<a href="">Writers Guidelines.</a>"] <strong>Frequency of publication</strong>: Bimonthly.[8. "<a href=";base_country=US&amp;a_count%20%20%20%20ry=UNITED%20STATES">Subscribe</a>."] <h4>About the publication's submission guidelines</h4> <strong>Location of submission guidelines</strong>: <a title="Bookmarks Submission Guidelines" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></a>. <strong>Types of contributions accepted</strong>: The magazine is structured in its content and will rarely consider pitches that fall outside of that structure. From the website: <ul> <li><strong>Consensus-oriented book reviews. </strong>These reviews are the heart of the magazine and typically where most writers start working with us. Once a book is assigned, the writer reads the relevant published book reviews from major newspapers and magazines. The final piece consists of a brief plot or content summary, a critic quote and rating applied to the book from each review (as determined by the writer), and a "critical summary" in which the critics' reviews are highlighted, discussed and reconciled.</li> <li><strong>"What One Book"</strong> is a column where we solicit advice from a panel of experts on the best books on a particular topic. If you have access to authorities in a particular field, we would be interested in proposals on those topics.</li> <li><strong>Classic Author or Genre "Book by Book" profiles</strong>. These are our most complex pieces, and we typically work with writers we know well or who have considerable experience. Our 3,500 word profiles provide a concise review of work by a renowned author or within a genre (biographies, history, graphic novels).[9. "<a href="">Writers Guidelines.</a>"]</li> </ul> <strong>Submission and review process</strong>: "You may submit a resume and short (fewer than 1,000 words) book- or literary-related writing sample in the text of your email message. We will NOT consider applications without a writing sample. No phone calls or email attachments, please. Address your email to our managing editor, jessica "at""[10. "<a href="">Writers Guidelines.</a>"] <strong>Editorial tone</strong>: Casual but informed, as if you were talking in a book club, and "decidedly unstuffy."[11. "<a href="">Bookmarks Media Kit</a>."] <strong>Style guide used</strong>: None given. <h4>Conclusion: Evaluation of publication's potential for LIS authors</h4> Anyone who is interested in reviewing books for a book-loving audience would likely have success at <em>Bookmarks.</em> LIS authors would be particularly well-suited for the mining and synthesizing of information required for the consensus-oriented book reviews. &nbsp; <h2>Audience analysis</h2> <hr /> <h4>About the publication's readers</h4> <strong>Publication circulation</strong>: More than 40,000.[12. "<a href="">Bookmarks Media Kit</a>."] <strong>Audience location and language or cultural considerations</strong>: The magazine is based in the United States and printed in English. Because <em>Bookmarks</em> is mostly a compilation of other media reviews, there would be little variety in cultural considerations. If a topic is chosen per issue, such as Hispanic fiction, an author should keep awareness of this ethnic or language difference from "mainstream" America. <strong>Reader characteristics</strong>: Atlantic List Co. estimates that <em>Bookmark</em>'s readers are 58% female, 18% male.[13. "Bookmarks Magazine,", accessed September 12, 2016, <a title="Atlantic List Company" href=";jsessionid=59D3051A62F3289AC79B68394AA31F6F?page=research/datacard&amp;id=168553">;jsessionid=59D3051A62F3289AC79B68394AA31F6F?page=research/datacard&amp;id=168553</a>] The magazine's media kit states, "Active readers are generally better educated and more affluent consumers. It has been proven they are more interested in travel, science, arts and the community."[14. "<a href="">Bookmarks Media Kit</a>."] <strong>Knowledge of LIS subject matter</strong>: The general reader may be aware of public library terms, but not specific jargon. Many will have an interest in libraries due to the free access to books that have just been reviewed. Some could be aware of the financial struggles that libraries face and the competition from Internet entertainment. <h4>Conclusion<strong>:</strong> Analysis of reader characteristics and their potential impact on authors</h4> The defining characteristic of the <em>Bookmarks</em> audience is a love of reading. For a librarian who is skilled at readers advisory or collection development, this should be an easy audience to reach and a pleasurable topic to write about. Authors with a special knowledge or interest in certain topics (non-fiction, suspense novels, etc.) could be asked to write on those, but writing brief reviews on any books would be the main desire. Readers expect reviewers to have a confidence about books they recommend (or criticize!). A general magazine about books features classic books in a genre, but also upcoming books, which is one of the main interests of voracious readers. Those who are passionate about a genre or an author want to know what is coming next. Authors and reviewers should be able to excite a reader about a book, while being entertaining but not giving away major plot surprises! <em>Bookmarks</em> has a witty and casual tone, and its habit of compiling reviews from other sources gives the audience "soundbites" for books, instead of in-depth analysis. Potential authors should therefore be clever and concise. <b>Last updated</b>:<b> </b>September 9, 2018 <hr /> <h4>References</h4>

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