Available Tags (with examples)

Academic libraries (Academic Exchange Quarterly, College & Research Libraries)
Accessibility (The Journal of Community Informatics, Library Hi Tech)
Advocacy (The Journal of Community Informatics, The Political Librarian)
Architecture (Art Documentation, The New Review of Academic Librarianship)
Archives (American Archivist, Archival Science)
Art (Art Documentation, Huntington Library Quarterly)
Blogs (Journal of Creative Library Practice, Archeota)
Book reviews (Australian Research Journal, Endnotes: The Journal of the New Members Round Table)
Case studies (International Federation of Library Associations [IFLA] Journal, Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship [ISTL])
Cataloging (Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, Journal of Library Metadata)
Censorship (International Journal of Library Science, Information for Social Change)
Children (Children & Libraries, New Review of Children’s Literature and Librarianship)
Collaboration (Collaborative Librarianship, The Journal of Community Informatics)
Collections (Children & Libraries, Collection Management)
Conference papers (Journal of Library Innovation, Judaica Librarianship)
Copyright (First Monday, Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve)
Current events (Contra Costa Times [CCT], Monterey County Weekly)
Digitization (Collection Management, First Monday)
Distance learning (Journal of Education for Library and Information Science [JELIS], Journal of Library and Information Services in Distance Learning)
Document supply (Interlending and Document Supply, Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve)
Environment (Electronic Green Journal, Progressive Librarian)
Gaming (Library Hi Tech News, Library Philosophy and Practice [LPP])
Government (Government Information Quarterly, Dttp or Documents to the People, Municipal World)
History (Art Documentation, Huntington Library Quarterly)
Instruction (Academic Exchange Quarterly, Communications in Information Literacy)
International scope (Archival Science, Australian Academic and Research Libraries, Electronic Green Journal)
Law (Law Library Journal, Federal Librarian)
LGBTQ (The ALAN Review, Progressive Librarian)
Management and leadership (Bottom Line, Journal of Library Administration [JLA])
Marketing (Journal of Library Administration [JLA], Marketing Library Services)
Medical (Health and Interprofessional Practice, Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association [JCHLA] / Journal de l’Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada [JABSC])
Military (Federal Librarian)
Museums (Art Documentation, Information & Culture: A Journal of History)
Music (Notes: Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, Razorcake Magazine)
Non–English language publications (LIBREAS, International Federation of Library Associations [IFLA] Journal, The Journal of Community Informatics, Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association [JCHLA] / Journal de l’Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada [JABSC])
Open access (Collaborative Librarianship, Electronic Green Journal)
Opinion (In the Library with the Lead Pipe, Evidence Based Library and Information Practice)
Preservation (Cataloging & Classification, Collection Management)
Privacy and security (Library & Archival Security, Library Hi Tech)
Product reviews (Collection Building, Reference Services Review)
Public libraries (The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults [JRLYA], Public Libraries)
Reference (Judaica Librarianship, Reference Services Review)
Regional scope (Georgia Library Quarterly, Bayline, Contra Costa Times)
Religion and spirituality (Judaica Librarianship, Inland Catholic Byte)
School libraries (The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults [JRLYA], School Library Research)
Science (Issues in Science & Technology Librarianship [ISTL], Journal of eScience Librarianship [JeSLIB])
Special libraries (Library Trends, Bayline)
Student authors (Hack Library School, Endnotes: The Journal of the New Members Round Table, In the Library with the Lead Pipe)
Student publications (School of Information Student Research Journal [SRJ], Archeota)
Technical services (Interlending and Document Supply, Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery & Electronic Reserve)
Technology (First Monday, Information Technology and Libraries)
Young adults (The Alan Review, The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults [JRLYA])


Tagging tips

In general,

  • Choose from the list of available tags based on the content of the publication, not the nature of the publication itself. For example, publications tagged “open access” or “accessibility” include content about those topics, but the publications themselves are not necessarily open access or accessible.
  • There are no tags for general types of publications, such as “scholarly journals” or “trade publications,” because publications are already grouped in these categories. See the wiki home page or the Publication and Publisher Profiles sidebar in the right column of each wiki page for these general categories.
  • If you would like to suggest the addition of a new tag (or the deletion of an existing tag), contact Laurie Putnam at lispubswiki [at] gmail.com.

Some notes on the use of specific tags:

  • Architecture” refers to building and library design.
  • Although some publications use blogging software, the “blogs” tag is used if the publication specifically refers to itself as a blog or has a blogging section.
  • Current events” refers to announcements of events or informative writing about time-sensitive topics.
  • Environment” refers to topics that encompass ecological issues or “green” initiatives.
  • International scope” refers to publications that publish content from around the globe. The publication does not necessarily have to be published outside of the United States, but it must include international perspectives.
  • Non–English language publications” refers to publications that either publish wholly in a language other than English, include a non-English edition or supplement, or accept non-English submissions.
  • The “opinion” tag is applied to any publication that specifically accepts opinion pieces. These pubs are most often found in the Civilian and Professional categories, but there are also some journals in the Scholarly category that invite opinion in addition to academic research.
  • Preservation” refers to content that includes topics about the preservation of library items.
  • Privacy and security” can either refer to the social concerns of privacy or the technical means of achieving privacy through security.
  • The “student authors” tag applies to publications that specifically invite students to contribute. These might be student publications, or they might be professional publications that encourage “fresh voices” or that include a student column. Note that this tag does not mark the only publications that students might contribute to; it simply marks publications that specifically encourage student work.
  • Student publications” refers specifically to publications run and authored by LIS students.

Many thanks to Julia Wells for her extensive work on the wiki tagging.